Introducing Sandra Nardone, author of Ellis Island Immigrants: Faces of America

“I’m very happy with both the process and the outcome. Dana made it near painless! Thank you again.”

Sandra Nardone has created art for as long as she can remember. According to her mother, when she was four years old she made her own “earrings” by drawing and coloring flowers, cutting them out, and stringing them on bobby pins! When her children were young, she ran a small business making dollhouse dolls in period costumes. The dolls were sold on Fifth Avenue in New York City and were featured in several books. An award-winning graphic artist/designer for several large corporations, Sandra also freelanced, and performed contract work. When she retired, she decided to devote herself to painting full-time, studying under several artists whose work she admired. “I work exclusively in oils and prefer painting on panels. My style is representational, with some aspects of impressionism. I love to paint portraits, landscapes, florals, and still life. I found the black and white photos of these immigrants and was immediately drawn to the amazing range of emotions on their faces. I knew that I had to try to bring them to life with my brushes! We are, after all, all immigrants.” Sandra now lives in Prince George, VA, with her husband Steve Cormier and their Brussels Griffon, Simone.

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Book description…

Ellis Island Immigrants: Faces of America by Sandra Nardone. This fine artist shares her poignant oil portraits and the original black and white photographs from which they were painted. Each piece of art is accompanied by a bit of Ellis Island history. “Today, over 100 million Americans-about one-third of the population- can trace their ancestry to the immigrants who first arrived in America at Ellis Island before dispersing to points all over the country.” Wikipedia

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