Introducing SJ Moore, author of Forty Days In His Presence II

“Dana was exceptional in helping me to successfully achieve my goal of publishing my book by Outskirts Press.”

Dr. Susie J. Moore, a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. Dr. Moore has five wonderful, children and their spouses: Kristie & Lawrence, Lawrence D., Lorenzo D & Jerriedean, Timothy R. & Laura and Villetta & David. She has twenty-two glorious grand children and fifteen beloved great-grandchildren that are all gifts from the Lord and truly blessings for her. Dr. Moore’s passion is sharing the love of God and encouraging individuals to be all that God created and gifted them to become. Under the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit Dr. Moore gave birth to The Revelation Of God’s Love Ministry and The Women Of God Walking In Faith Ministry. Dr. Moore is a graduate of: George C Wallace State Tech., William Tyndale Bible College, and Covington Theological Seminary.

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Book description…

“Forty Days In His Presence II” is an Inspirational Devotional Journal of Scriptures, one in which Jesus asked His disciples, “Who do you say that I Am?” Mark 8:29.NKJ. The answer to that question reveals who Jesus is, and Who He is to you. Another vital Scripture discloses, “In His presence there is fullness of joy; and pleasures for ever more.” Psalm16:11. NKJV. The Scriptures reveal God’s pathway to righteousness, unconditional love, everlasting peace, the value of patience, as well as the counsel and protection of our Lord and Savior.

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