Introducing Robert P. Jones, author of Minorcan Gumbo for the Soul: A St. Augustine, Florida Story

“This is my fourth book and the process gets better each time. The cover designs are outstanding and my Author Representative goes above and beyond to answer all questions and offer help. Great company to do business with because of the people.”

Robert P. Jones is a 6th generation Florida native. Jones’ 8th Great Grandfather was Onesimus Futch, who fought in the American Revolution. He was with Colonels Richard Caswell and John Lillington on February 27, 1776, when about a thousand members of the Patriot Army defeated an army of Scottish Highlanders at the Widow Moore’s Creek Bridge near the port city of Wilmington. Jones’ uncle, SSgt Phillip Lester Brinson, was killed in action during WWII on his tenth mission while serving as a tail gunner of a B-26. His name is on the monument in the St. Augustine Plaza. Jones married his high school sweetheart on May 28, 1955. He and Malinda had five children (Mike deceased 2014), seventeen grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Jones has worked for the commercial fishing industry as Executive Director of Southeastern Fisheries Association for fifty-four years.

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Book description…

The story of the Minorcans in America is well chronicled. Minorcans (Menorcans) and St. Augustine, Florida are both unique. Spain had the first permanent settlement in America (St. Augustine). By the time Jamestown was founded by the English, St. Augustine was an established town. These short stories reflect a life well-lived because of the unconditional love of a Minorcan: my wife, Malinda Usina Jones. The stories are true and might make you feel almost as good as tasting true Minorcan gumbo with a drop or two of datil pepper sauce in the bowl.

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