Introducing L. Leon Little, author of Rebel Plantation . . . In The Shadow of Legends

“Thanks Outskirts Press for helping me publish my first, second and third books. I am pleased with Outskirts Press for making the job of publishing my books less complicated. I look forward to working with Outskirts Press on the production of my fourth book.”

L. Leon Little is an innocent man who has worked hard on different levels to uphold the law. He has been railroaded to prison, gotten out, and had the police come back and harass him thirty years later, even though the case was reversed by the United States Supreme Court. Mr. Little resides with his family in the Midwest. Mr. Little

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Book description…

It has taken us from slavery to freedom, yet we are still secretly used for gain in a clever scheme of repression whose darkness is finding light, through the blood spill of our martyrs who’s sacrificed so much, including the ultimate. America still has so much work to do and so many have gotten too comfortable with the attitude becoming more like “if it doesn’t hurt or affect me, I’m fine.” We can’t stop our fight for freedom. So many of us have been pacified momentarily, you don’t know where the crooked officer is going to strike next because the loose cannon has no accurate target. As I look around and ask, how could this happen to me or why me, I am reminded of all the heroes who gave but never enjoyed the harvest of their labor. All the legends who paved the way and secured the freedoms we enjoy today surely turn in their tombs as another corrupt official takes the dream of the humble, an official with his hand so deep off into the public trusts that his elbow and arm have tendonitis from the frequency of activity. All the martyrs who were hung from the tree as the world watched and looked for guidance on a planet in a country, who is building a platform, on a mission out into the great unknown they cheer our efforts and guide our movements.

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