Introducing Swot Zhai, author of Over the Rainbow: The Path to Success, Health and Happiness

“My first time experience is a very pleasant one!”

SWOT Zhai, vice president of Beijing TONSAN New Material Technology Co. Ltd., is one of the company’s founders and vice chairman of China National Adhesives Industry Association. The former university lecturer and visiting scholar of University of Kaiserslautern of Germany built TONSAN to become China’s premier brand of engineering adhesives. In 2014, H.B. Fuller signed a merger agreement with TONSAN, allowing SWOT Zhai the financial freedom to begin consulting and writing. He is the author of nine books, including Entrepreneur Management Practice, Cut Your Losses Short and Let Your Profits Run, and Engineering Adhesives.

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Book description…

Great Truths Are Often Simple at Their Core. “Over the Rainbow is a compelling story, both entertaining and thought-provoking. It was written from the unique perspective of a Chinese author who has lived through multiple stages of life and recognizes that professional success, happiness, and health are intertwined aspects of a balanced life. Through the effective use of stories, the author helps the reader relate to the personal struggles we all face as we mature and try to balance all aspects of our lives. Over the Rainbow provides a simple set of rules on how to stay balanced and enjoy success, happiness, and health.” -Jim Owens, President & CEO of H.B. Fuller “After achieving financial freedom, SWOT has persistently shared his reflections and inspirations, as well as a sense of satisfaction beyond money, with everyone. The hope is for everyone to be successful, healthy, and happy, and this jewel of a book has organically integrated the common pursuit of success, health, and happiness and introduced to us a simple and practical approach to make dreams come true. SWOT himself is a practitioner of success, health, and happiness and the true model of making all this happen in reality.” -Feng Lun, Founder of Vantone Group

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