Introducing Ralph Demers, author of The Scarab Toccata

“I couldn’t have done it without Jamie and Elaine. Patient, wise and persevering, Jamie was a strength.”

Born of Irish and Irish-American parents, R​alph Demers divided his early years between Ireland and the U.S.— New York City and Connecticut. He studied at Crosby, and spent a shaky patch in a Jesuit Seminary for a short time. Shocked to find they were serious about sexual abstinence, he moved on to Fordham University, the University of Miami, and the Université de Paris à La Sorbonne. Between Fordham and the Sorbonne, he served as a member of U.S. Marines Special Forces (Recon Co), and afterward was affiliated with a ‘Government Intelligence-gathering group’ for a time​, the basis for this novel. In fits and starts, he was alternately an actor, mercenary, screen writer, boxer, tennis player, poet and novelist. He now lives in Florida. He is also the author of “Sand Dollars,” another Fiction Romance Thriller.

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Book description…

From the Colombian jungle, to Harlem, from Washington D.C. to Hawaii, and eventually from Laos to Armageddon, a constantly endangered David Devine quixotically chases down the roots of the heroin trade. Not from any patriotic fervor but from burning personal rage! As sub-text, the drug war in Laos alternates from idyllic to heart-rending devastation. Scarab is the dybbuk who threads through the web. For him diabolical is not a cliché, not hyperbole, he’s evil-incarnate. Devoid of all human decency, a consortium of Corporate types, and CIA rogues at the highest level manipulate the world for dark profits. The Neo-Knights Templar! Soulless, morally-dead men, gods unto themselves. Under the aegis of the Templars, Scarab touches everyone and everything. The Scarab Toccata.

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