Introducing Ruthy Sturgill, author of Spring and Easter Ornaments: An Easy Appliquéd Project

“Colleen was exceptionally willing to help and always very prompt and courteous. She will be one of your best Author Representatives.”

Ruthy Sturgill started her company, Sunshine, etc., in 1978. Unfortunately, it remained “dormant” while she pursued her career as a program manager with the Federal Government and later as a Government contractor in the Washington DC area. Since her retirement, she has “rejuvenated” Sunshine, etc., and now spends much of her time sewing and writing. She is avidly working on not only creating; but, publishing the instructions and templates for the magnitude of sewing project ideas that she has carefully documented over the years.

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Book description…

Have fun creating a variety of cute and comical ornaments that will make the family look forward to the coming of Spring and Easter. Use two simple stitches to create all of the ornaments. Then, let the children have fun decorating the Easter tree, which can be made with artificial or real Spring branches or flowers. Inside, you’ll find: 30 full-size templates for the ornaments; clear, easy, step-by-step instructions for creating the ornaments; and, an abundance of illustrations and photographs to make the project even easier and more fun.

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