Introducing Tiberiu Weisz, author of A History of the Kaifeng Israelites

“My overall experience with Outskirts Press was positive, though they were days of frustration and delays. But the nature of publishing is that the process is tedious and prone to details, and authors need support for their effort. Indeed I got that support through good communication and vigilance. The author representative was very helpful, responded timely to inquiries and issues, she also solved most of the immediate problems. She did not hesitate to get me in touch with the product manager when more complex issues needed to be addressed. I really appreciated that. One word of advice to other authors: From the time of submission and throughout the process, the author must be engaged at every step.”

Tiberiu Weisz has published two books and numerous articles about cross cultural links between Judaism and China. His research and translation of the Kaifeng Stone Inscriptions led him to the discovery of an Israelite community in ancient Chinese Literature. “His fluency in Chinese and Hebrew… provides him a unique approach…” (

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Book description…

Israelites in Chinese Literature. The book traces a small group of Israelite in Chinese literature who migrated and settled in China after the Babylonian exile. It identified the Chinese characters that denoted Israelites in Chinese literature, and based on that documented their presence and activities. Early Chinese sages quoted and made reference to Israelites while later literature treated them as natives. Though they were physically undistinguished from the Chinese, they were respected in their communities, and remained faithful to their Israelite roots.

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