Introducing Dr. K.D. Nasir, author of Declining Christian Values in Religiously and Culturally Diverse America

“My overall publishing experience was enjoyable.”

Dr. K. D. Nasir, after migrating to America in 1973, taught mathematics/statistics. He completed his Doctor of Religious studies degree in 2008 from Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary in Newburgh, Indiana and was led to serve the Lord in foreign missions with Pioneers Mission Organization after resigning from his teaching in 2009. Dr. Nasir has taught Church Planting and Development of Christian Leadership Principles in the theological institutions in Pakistan and Nepal from 2012 to 2017. Like many other immigrants to America, Dr. Nasir migrated to the U.S. with an idealized perception of this being a Christian nation. This author discovered a long standing decline of the Christian values and ethical standards of the Founding Fathers. Prayerfully, this author was led to write this book, Declining Christian Values in Religiously and Culturally Diverse America, to alert his fellow Americans of the dangers and consequences of the erosion of the Christian values by the liberals and the forces of religious pluralism. This is just a small way for this author to serve his adopted homeland, the United States of America.

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In America, all people enjoy full religious freedom, including the people of diverse faiths and cultures. No wonder, America is called the “melting pot” of the world. It’s rather ironic that the immigrants of the diverse faiths, mostly from the Asian and Latin American nations, are demanding more religious freedom from America under the cover of religious pluralism when they already enjoy full religious and cultural freedom here. In the opinion of this author, who migrated here from a Muslim nation, the immigrants enjoy more religious freedom here in America than the religious freedom that the Christians and the people of minority faiths enjoy in the native lands of these immigrants. One wonders if the people of pluralistic faiths are using their demands as a ploy for a treacherous agenda. This is the heart of the subject matter that the author plans to explore and present with facts and reasons in this book titled Declining Christian Values in Religiously and Culturally Diverse America. Civilizations and empires have come and gone. A day of reckoning comes for any nation when the limits of morality, military force, and civil practices are crossed. Don’t we all know what happened to the Greek Empire, the Roman Empire, and the British Empire? A day of reckoning came for them, and each one was collapsed and disappeared. We all hope and pray that it does not happen to our beloved America. The current direction of the declining trends, religiously and culturally caused by the liberal and pluralistic forces, is moving at an alarming rate, and demands our actions now. This is a wake up call by this author to his fellow Americans, who love God and religious liberty, to become proactive and save America.

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