Introducing Dale Ackert, author of Baby Steps

“I would like to point out that my overall self-publishing experience of my book Baby Steps with Outskirts Press was uniquely favorable. Deni, my Author Representative, demonstrated her highly skilled understanding and experience in calming my early stage fears. This would hardly be complete without expressing my infinite gratitude and appreciation to Mae Abby for reading my manuscript and approving it for publication. To everyone on my Publishing team, thank you all so very much. Without your guidance and dedication, my book would still be just a distant dream.”

Dale Ackert graduated from Graham Jr. College (in Boston) with an A.A.S. degree in Broadcast Journalism/Communications, in 1971. It was here that Dale discovered his profound love of writing. He received a B.A. degree in English from Western Connecticut State University in 1975.

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Book description…

Baby Steps is a compelling novel written about “Elad” who experienced life and all that is normal, just in time to have it ripped away from him by a life-threatening illness. It is the remarkable story of self-motivated struggles, triumphs, even failures. This book is intended not just to inspire, but more so to leave a lasting impression on anyone related to someone with a handicap. It is a “must-read” for anyone with a handicap or physical challenge. This book was also penned with supreme gratitude and hope for every U.S. veteran who served in the military, especially those who returned home from their assignment with their lives forever changed. While it is likely to make every reader shed a tear, it also promises to make those same readers laugh out loud. Elad spent most of his formative years in a frightening, dark, abysmal place. His rise from there was the result of positive thinking, stretching the limits, and infinite determination.

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