Introducing Dan the Man, author of “Hi, I Am Dan the Man Your Concierge”

“I am a first-time author. Jamie, my author representative, was just incredible! I really enjoyed communicating with her each week. Jamie, a true professional with class, made me feel like a family member of Outskirts Press. Thank you Jamie, my dream came true. This was a wonderful publishing experience! It was also a great pleasure communicating with her colleagues. Now, I am looking forward to the marketing of my book. Outskirts Press, the publishing company that cares about your success! I will highly recommend Outskirts Press!”

Dan the Man, is from Ybor City. The historic district of Tampa. He lives in Brandon, Florida, with his beautiful wife of 35 years and their meow fur children. All of their other children have lovely families and exciting careers. Dan’s life achievements; teamster executive leader with a positive, winning image, and a quality control technician for the number one beer company in the world. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a Master of Arts in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix.

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Book description…

This delightfully humorous book provides a serious education about the reality of working a men’s nightclub restroom in the hospitality industry-a fun part-time job with the potential for an amazing income-but only for those with the exuberance of a positive, winning mind-set! While researching this book, the author visited 40 nightclubs to observe restroom attendants and found there were only a handful of concierges who were both pleasant and professional-those with a friendly smile and a firm handshake, a great sense of humor, excellent communication skills, and a compassionate heart. Professional concierges take pride in their work, and Dan the Man shows how it’s done. With raw, slice-of-life conversations emphasizing the fun and humorous side of this business, Hi, I Am Dan the Man, Your Concierge contains tips and wisdom that can be applied to all customer service and hospitality careers!

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