Introducing Jo Tanenbaum, author of Once Upon a Shelf

“Jamie was prompt and honest. She was complimentary and I always felt she was right on the ball. I valued her opinion.”

Jo Tanenbaum grew up in Chicago and studied at the University of Michigan, UC Berkeley, and Florida State University, where she received a Ph.D. in French Literature. She taught French to middle school and high school students in Tallahassee, Florida for thirty years. She and her husband now live in Los Angeles, California. She has written FDR and the Dime: the Defeat of Polio, Crooks and Canes: Bible, Bebop and Beyond, and Get to the Point: The History of the Pencil. Randi Matushevitz is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Los Angeles. She received her BA from California State University Northridge, and her MFA in Painting from the University of Miami. She has exhibited in galleries, museums and art fairs in New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Caracas and Xalapa, Mexico. Her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Art and Cake, Diversions LA , the Las Vegas Review Journal. Jo lives across the street from Randi. One day she noticed Randi painting in her opened garage. From that, this book project was hatched

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Book description…

RATS! I’ve been propped high up here on a bedroom shelf for years. What in the world do I do all day? I watch those snooty, modern battery dolls get all the attention from the family’s girls. And love? I long to be loved. My pink plush is getting flat, gray, and brown. But please don’t cry. I do triumph. I tell my story myself. Here is my picture. I’m ugly perhaps, but lovingly patched and sewn together by Tasha’s mom There are no dragons in my story. There are no wizards or magical wands. However, my story is contemporary and with a universal theme: the love between me and my little mistress.

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