Introducing Margaret Watkins, author of Mole Dog

“When it came time to publish my second book, also a memoir, I again chose Outskirts Press, Inc. without hesitation. Having guided me patiently through the process with my first book, The Fine Line, I knew this little dog book would be in good hands. The color photographs were reproduced flawlessly just where they were supposed to be, and the front and back covers were exactly as I had visualized. Once again, my author representative and other members of the publishing team were there to guide me from start to finish, and I look forward to working with them again.”

Margaret Watkins lives in a small cabin in the mountains of Idaho with her husband and fond memories of “the pups.”

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Book description…

What started out as a good idea to get a dog for our son soon morphed into an arrangement whereby two big messy pups took over the household. Not content to be mere add-ons, Rambo and Buddy soon moved front and center of our existence, bringing joy and a degree of inconvenience overlaid by a rich layer of devotion and unwavering loyalty to the pack. Twelve years of fun and adventure unfold in these pages as we tried to remember that our four-legged companions were, after all, only dogs. We thought of them as family. Join us on backpacking trips and winter excursions in the mountains of Idaho where the pups remained at the center of the action. Rambo and Buddy went everywhere with us. Mostly we just played together. Their individual personality traits did not always blend smoothly with ours but we remained an inseparable pack of four. This is their story.

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