Introducing Martina Potucek-Palladino, author of Martinka, “Thru Eyes of Rem…” First Narrative

“The publishing team have all been wonderful and extremely helpful with the entire publishing process. Outskirts Press is great and professionally run. I will publish with Outskirts for the 2nd book in my series–within next few months.”

Martina Potucek-Palladino has had a lifelong love affair with books, magazines, and all things written. She writes for pleasure, is currently a magazine editor, has collaboratively ghostwritten/edited a non-fiction memoir, written for magazines, is an accessories designer, a hair stylist, and lash extension specialist. Martina currently lives in New Jersey.

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Book description…

In Dreams, We live… In Reality, We exist. What if…you were told you aged like a human, but didn’t, and… What if…they said you were mortal, only you’re not, exactly, then… What if…the man you’ve always dreamt of, finally appears, but… What if…you must turn your back and walk away, for now, hence… What if…you were conceived by a vampire, unknowingly, and… What if…you aspire to eradicate the most evil of demons, ironically, because… What if…you hadn’t a clue that the evil demon, was your mother…

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