Introducing Steven Robert Alexander, author of Treasure Trackers

“It was a great experience. I’m shortly going to go into the marketing mode for this and my other books and expect you guys will be of immense help. I look forward to that.”

Steven Robert Alexander is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel. He served two tours in the Middle East and is a Purple Heart and Combat Action Badge Awardee. He was also the Founder Director of the UFO Institute in 1993 and spent many years involved in UFO research and investigations. He is a student of Ancient Greece and the American Civil War. His first book, Ghost Cavalry, delved into his appreciation for the supernatural. Alexander has hosted national broadcast shows on radio, television, and the internet. He has worked in independent films. He is a playwright and board game designer. He lives in Colorado Springs where he continues to write. Visit his website at

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Book description…

From modern Las Vegas to the Dawn of Time, Treasure Trackers, The Inception takes you on a non-stop action adventure crossing historical lines and literary masterpieces. The story tells of an Above Top Secret Government Project that uses foreign technology to do something beyond comprehension. The best of the best of the U.S. military working along with the top scientists and engineers are conducting very special operations. Area 51, Capulin Volcano New Mexico, Afghanistan, and a secret nationwide network of underground bases and tunnels all play a part in America’s most challenging endeavor.

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