Introducing Barbara A. Cefalu, author of The Adventures of Patty-Cat, Kittle, and Their Friends Versus the Manxy-Dream Pirates

“Laura has stood by me in publishing six books. She is wonderful! Anytime I am stuck, she comes to the rescue. I cannot imagine publishing a book without her help.”

Barbara Cefalu lives in California and has written the wonderful Patty Cat and Kittle Series for children.

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Book description…

What can go wrong on a luxurious yacht? Ordinarily nothing, but Patty-Cat and Kittle manage to get themselves into the usual complicated situations and then they need to be dug out. Patty-Cat and Kittle have become good friends with Billy-Bom-Tom who in turn is a very good friend of the Duchess of Manx. She owns a production of a musical comedy, now between engagements, so several of the cast and their friends have been invited on a two week cruise, sailing to the Isle of Manx and back. Chester has been included as he will be doing some reporting for the Daily Howl, where he works part time. Fred, Al, and Susie, all cast members are along, plus dancers Pumpkin and Grilly who keep following Billy-Bom-Tom, much to Susie’s displeasure. The weather turns nasty, the yacht is being tossed up, down and sideways and many of the passengers are sick. Meanwhile some cat fish pirates from the Isle of Manx plan to rob the yacht of its fish. However, the crew are not really into their jobs: some are allergic to fish, others, are tired of fish and want meat. Some just don’t like to work, and to mix things up even more, the two sheep dogs, Hal and Sam, are on board, and a feisty Big=Bad-Momma-Cat, tries to take over the cat pirates. There are mixups everywhere. Please join the cats, kittens, dogs, and cat fish pirates for a lively sail on the high seas.

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