Introducing Jamieya B-Johnson, author of Stripped: Living a Transformed Life

“My experience working with Outskirts Press has been amazing. The services provided were extremely professional! I give Outskirts Press and staff two thumbs up!”

Jamieya B-Johnson is inspired by the joys of life. A continuation of her work is dedicated to the majority through the spirit of giving. Sharing herself and experiences pertains to walking in the abundance of being transformed. She cherishes the support of her husband and 4 children. Her work as an author started in high school and as a young adult, she decided to publish her first book, “A Glow in the Dark” under her maiden name Jamieya Z. Miller. Much of this great work comes by the way of living life which allowed the opening of her heart to readers everywhere.

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Book description…

Sustaining Power Through Right Living. Living in a troublesome world of secularism, we find ourselves awaiting the response to intolerant division. Once we reform the mind to higher intellect, the act of surrendering becomes an act of honor. This book awakens understanding, sheds light on the essence of living a stripped life, and provides powerful reflections on the abundance we have as believers.

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