Introducing Janet Breakfield, author of Nightwish

“A special thanks to Jennifer! She was great! And my editor did a great job! Thanks, you guys, for a wonderful publishing experience!”

Janet Breakfield has always had a fascination with the supernatural. She traveled to Romania to do research for writing Nightwish. She lives in rural southern Mississippi with her family. She loves writing, traveling and music of all genres. The notion that imagination is the best expression of ones self is something she believes in. Watch for the next book in the Nightwish series called “Nightwish II- Eriq’s Quest.”

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Book description…

“…supernatural, romantic thriller that will make your heart race with anticipation.” Enter the exotic world of Nisha Runninghorse, a Native American woman born part human, part demon. The fate of the race of Moroii Vampires and her people, the Cherokee, are tied together in an extraordinary twist of fate. She must fulfill the prophecy to free the Moroii of Strigoi control and destroy her demon ancestor Jumlin or be destroyed herself. How will she choose between Marius, the man in her visions and Batarlow, the man she was destined to marry? This sexy heroin will turn the world upside down to defend her people and the men she loves.

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