Introducing Susan Lee, author of Hello, You Don’t Know Me

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Susan Lee has been a Registered Nurse for over 25 years. She taught University students in China before becoming Senior Editor of China Central Television International News and the host of her own talk show, ‘English Outlook Magazine,’ broadcast to 1.3 billion Chinese and several Asian countries. She has won several International awards for documentaries on AIDS and other topics. She is currently writing a new book called “The Jaded Dragon,” about living and working in China and a political thriller, “The Rise and Fall of Philip Whittemore.”

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Book description…

Slowly in the distance, the figure of the woman approached. She still wore the old fashioned clothes and the locket and the blue hair ribbon. She was holding something in an open palm. It was a very small key. It looked like a jewelry box key. She looked worried. “Why have you come to see me?” Susan asked the apparition. “There is grave danger from without and from within. He is coming and death is in his eyes. Beware of those who are your own. Warn the others. Terrible times are almost upon you. Some of you will not survive, I fear. I cannot stem the flow of the tides. Watch for the key. Remember, remember, remember,” she finished with a whisper and began to fade away. On board the private yacht in the Gulf, wine and camaraderie seem to flow, but Susan is haunted by visions of what is to come. From the dead calm sea, her predictions of a terrible storm seem foolish. But the computer reports of fair weather ahead aren’t the only things that lie on this ship. From the blackness Susan wonders where the others are and will any of them be alive to see the sun rise?

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