Introducing Princess Ameenah, author of Straight from the Heart

“I am very pleased with my book. Lots of kudos, and inquiries such as, ‘Who did your book?’ Colleen is very talented and knowledgeable. She captured the art and spirit I wanted. I learned so much from this experience, beginning with the initial chats I had with my initial representatives (Wendy is truly a gem; I will never forget her patience), and Stephen is very cool (I needed that). He made sure my questions were answered. This is my first book, so I had a lot (lol). I feel like I am a part of a family. The president even answered my email in a timely fashion. Thank you for a job well done. ”

About Princess Ameenah: Certified in Restorative Practices at the graduate level, enhanced by my undergraduate profession, O. T. (occupational therapy), this book is my gift to the world because I really want to make it a better place, and to myself because I have had so much to say, written it down, then put it away. Suddenly I see the story again in some young person’s eyes. You can not buy intelligence; you can’t buy common sense. You can not buy integrity or honor, and so hence – The work you do, your goals and true reverence of the tasks you bear Certify, amplify accomplishments you dare. Princess Ameenah A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Developing Excellence. http://www.Princessameenah.com –

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Book description…

Bold, sensuous, honest, and enlightening. This is a book that flows with rhythmic insight. ‘Straight from the Heart’ is colorful, soulful, and socially informative. This book covers the dynamic phases of our experiences in a society where institutional racism exists, and poetically explores the challenges Black women are engaged in with ‘How Should I Wear My Crown?’ This is a book of spoken word worth reading. -Baba Jabali Wazuri (Educator, activist). “and Princess Ameenah dazzled the audience with her poetry and song.” -Healthy Music Matters, Ms. Toni Washington (2006), Philadelphia, PA, Versatility Entertainment & Image Awards 2006. “Sister Ameenah is truly a warrior queen. Her verve and desire to share her poetry bring the readers into a written vortex of ‘Ka Ba’ (soul, spirit) expression that is worthy of the Kentakes (Ethiopian Queens) from which she is ascended. Readers of this volume of poetry will know that they are reading within the realm of an artist whose familiarity with human expression is extraordinaire. This book is a valuable and worthy read.’ – Iya Adjua, Phd (Educator), Philadelphia, PA. ‘Straight from the Heart’ is a proud and passionate expression from a true Diva. It is a revelation of our greatness and struggles. I was truly entertained, yet the book was instructional, and taught me what dancing means. –
Donald Jackson (Educator), Philadelphia, PA

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