Introducing Tonya Monteiro, author of Inside a Butterfly

“I want to thank Outskirts Press, Inc. for making it easy to publish my first poetry book. The process was smooth with lots of guidance along the way. This was my first experience with publishing a book and I am so glad I chose Outskirts Press as my publishing source and will use them in the near future.”

About Tonya Monteiro: I do not possess a PH.D nor am I some specialist. I am just someone with a passion and love for words. I love the freedom of poetry, spoken word and other forms of art that represents free expression. I am a free spirit of sorts. My writing is inspired by my personal experiences, the experiences of others and what I see with my mind’s eye. I hope you, the reader, will find pieces of you in my writings. A dream is just that if you don’t take the first step to make it a reality!

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Book description…

This is a collection of poems that touches the lives of everyone in some small or large way. Life is full of unexpected joys and sorrows. It helps to know that you are not alone in whatever life brings you. No matter what you face whether good or bad, there is always someone out there who gets it and you. Live life!

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