Introducing Collette Jackson-Fink, author of Sons of Twilight

“Working with Outskirts Press has always been a pleasure, even more so the second time around! I was worried that because it had been sometime between books that the services would not be as prompt or the staff as caring. I was wrong! The Outskirts Press staff was amazing! They addressed all my concerns and answered my questions without delay. I’m Looking forward to working with them on my next book. Thanks Outskirts Press for a positive and supportive experience!”

Collette Jackson-Fink has been writing since she was 13 years old. A Persian Gulf veteran, Collette works as a respiratory therapist at a trauma center in her home state of Iowa with her husband, Ron. Sons of Twilight is the second novel of a trilogy.

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Book description…

Indulge Yourself in the Fantasy. It began with the debut of Daughters of Twilight, when a mysterious object came out of the ground in a small Midwestern city, throwing the residents’ lives into chaos. Soldiers, local law enforcement, and government scientists were soon deployed to the site. Amidst the confusion and terror, a romance began between one of the soldiers and one of the supernatural beings who used the mysterious object as a doorway to the human world-and the result is a fast-paced tale of an unlikely love between a man of earth and a war angel. The trilogy continues in Sons of Twilight, with gripping suspense and unexpected twists and turns that do not allow a moment’s rest. This gripping, hardcore fantasy promises to engross readers to the last page…and beyond!

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