Introducing Bob Kamm, author of Gazing: More Poems and Musings

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Bob Kamm was born in New York City in 1947 and raised in the New Jersey suburbs. His unusually broad life experience has run from dropping out of high school at age fifteen to consulting Fortune 500 companies on leadership and strategy by age fifty. But being the son of two writers, his first love was always language. That devotion and his experiential wisdom are fully reflected in the five sections of this collection – Love, Family, Childhood, The World and Songbook. This is his third collection of poetry and fifth book. He lives with his beloved Andrea – wife, lover, best friend and constant inspiration – on California’s Central Coast.

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Book description…

Lyric poetry, accessible to the general public, is alive and well in the hands of Bob Kamm. “Gazing is an authentic celebration of relationships – lovers, siblings, parents, grandchildren and great grandchildren, friends, strangers, and our relationship to the world. But there is something deeply personal that glimmers through while reading Bob Kamm’s work in particular…and ‘reading’ is not the right word. It’s more like meditating on, tasting, embracing.” -Harville Hendrix, PhD & Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD, Co-founders of Imago Relationship Therapy, authors of Getting the Love You Want and many other books. “Bob Kamm makes the mundane profound and the profound accessible. He isn’t writing for academics. He’s writing for YOU. So turn off your phone and TV, find a quiet place and be transported deeper into your own life and feelings courtesy of this rare poet.” -Barry Bernfeld, PhD

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