Introducing Abayomi Atolagbe, author of Furnace of Life from Nigeria to America

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Abayomi Atolagbe, the CEO of MoorTECH (, founded the company in 2011. MoorTECH was inspired by his love for building things, fondness of technology, and grit to see and act on opportunities in the face of adversities in order to be successful. He was born in Lagos, Nigeria and moved to Nashville, TN with his mother and sister in 1996. He graduated from McGavock Comprehensive High School, earned his Architectural Engineering degree at Tennessee State University with a N.A.S.A. practicum at University of Maryland Baltimore County in 2007, and an MPA in 2011.

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Book description…

As real as it gets. Powerful story on obstacles, success, with content that makes you laugh. It keeps you curious on what happens next. A very transparent book on things going on in the world currently from Nigeria (Africa) to America, about government, personal struggles-success, relationship-intimacy, religion-faith, financial stability-job, racism, with questions and suggested solutions on making people’s lives better. Why should you read this book? Furnace of Life: from Nigeria to America is a very good read and will keep you curious, laughing at times, and wondering what will happen next. It is a tool that will get the conversation going, bringing to light childhood and adulthood experiences-struggles by both females and males that we (parents-children) too often keep quiet about due to fear or shame. It will provide workable solutions for young men, women, and adults that are going through or may go through similar experience(s) detailed in book. It will positively influence lives on an international scale because it required me to let my guards down, ask questions, and be as transparent as possible in order to be a part of the positive (real) change on this earth. This book details my life experiences in Lagos Island (Lagos, Nigeria) and in the United States of America, from primary school, secondary school (high school), college life, and professional life.  It asks the tough questions regarding faith-religion, God, government, career, relationship, intimacy, and exposes a clever system of inequality. It details my failures , common to both males and females, triumphs, how to handle rejections-failures, and why they are like a foundation for any level of success. It explains how my parents divorce affected me as a boy and a young man, why a son can hate his dad for abusing his mom, and how I was able to forgive and overcome not having a father around.  It also shows my love for both Nigeria (country of birth) and its culture, my love for United States of America, the good-bad-ugly conditions in both countries, and ideas on how to engender a community to help make people’s lives a little bit better. Life has literally molded me and I believe everyone has a story or testimony. Remember, you are powerful beyond measure and you have the spirit within you to overcome any setbacks. It is when things are hardest that the very thing we worked so hard for is there to claim. We must see opportunities, not obstacles, and achieve the good desires of the heart and may even attain something much better with a life full of joy, peace, and value.

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