Introducing Lauren E. Beale, author of Newcomer: The St. Cross Choir Series, Book 1

“I appreciated Dana’s patience as I learned to navigate the system. I never felt like I made a mistake hiring Outskirts. The quality of the printed product far exceeded my expectations. It’s a beautiful book.”

Lauren E. Beale has been an editor and writer for the Los Angeles Times. Like her protagonist, she is a lifelong singer. Her debut novel draws on her experiences volunteering at a local animal shelter and spending vacations in the Sierra Nevadas. But there the similarities end, and fiction takes over.

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Book description…

Welcome to the St. Cross Choir. Having left her career as a newspaper reporter, newcomer Harper Henshaw seeks a fresh start in an offbeat mountain town in the rugged Sierra Nevada range. So she settles into the St. Cross church choir to prepare for a performance of Maurice Durufle’s Requiem. But illegal pot plantations and the activities of a drug cartel threaten the settlement’s seemingly idyllic life just as she starts to find her niche in the community of singers, parishioners and animal lovers.

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