Introducing Chameeka N. Smith, author of Why Did My Pastor Have To Die?

“I had a great experience with the publication of my first book. I look forward to future books being published by Outskirts.”

Known as the little girl getting her hair combed in the motion picture, nominated for 11 Academy Awards in 1985, Chameeka N. Smith continues her journey as an educator, motivational speaker and educational specialist for at risk youth. Chameeka has earned her Bachelor degree in Occupational Safety and Health, Master of Science in Vocational Industrial Education, Master of Arts in Teaching in Technology Education and Post Master Certificate in School Administration. Her true passion excels in working with first generation, low income students and families to expose them to postsecondary educational opportunities. She is committed to educating generations through biblical principles, college access and career readiness.

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Book description…

The Pain of Letting Go. Sadness, disappointment, dreams shattered…why my pastor, why my man of God? There were so many false prophets, teachers, and preachers, so why did my pastor have to die? These were the words that continued to linger in my head after learning the news of my pastor’s transition. He was strong, a pioneer of many facets of ministry that weren’t seen in his day. He impacted the city, community, state, and ultimately the world. He loved God’s people and we loved him. In October of 2012, I asked the question “Why did my pastor have to die?” It was the question that lingered in the minds of so many members who truly believed that this would not happen. We prayed, fasted, worshiped, and even received prophecies of how the man of God would recover… We had the faith, we trusted God, and yet he died. Walk with me as I journey through this painful and tragic experience but find hope and an answer to my question “Why did my pastor have to die?” If you are still going through the grieving process, there is hope, joy, and peace on the other side of the pain of losing a pastor. The story is not over and the true legacy can begin…

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