Introducing Mark Simone, author of The Ghosts of Paw Paw Lake

“I cannot say enough about Dana. She was amazing and never left me stumped or confused – which was how I felt most of the time! If I do this again, requesting Dana will be an important part of publishing my next book. You could not have a better representative for Outskirts. If excellent is a 10, I give Dana a 20 on each question!”

Mark A Simone is a minister in Ohio and sometimes finds it hard to explain his belief that occasionally ghosts share the same spaces we occupy. Writing primarily in the field of youth ministry, this is his first attempt at fiction. Married to Kathy they are blessed with four kids and six grandkids. Mark also loves photography, guitar and is a college professor. He really does believe in ghosts… Find out more information about this book and the author at

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Book description…

Over the decades, the residents of Paw Paw Lake have noticed that some things don’t make complete sense. Things are seen that should not be there. Rational minds encounter impossible specters as the sun drains from the day. Everyone seems to have a story of a ghostly encounter that should not be possible. If the residents of the lovely lake community spoke of what they have seen, the accounts might be similar to the stories collected in The Ghosts of Paw Paw Lake.

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