Introducing Brenda Harlow Dean, author of Rose Cliff Plantation: The Secrets Revealed

“I appreciate all the information Outskirts Press has given me to use in getting my book into the hands of readers. But, I never dreamed how very hard this publishing part of the “dream” could be. The folks that have purchased my book have been so pleased. Most, if not all, of them, were ladies that seemed to find a character that spoke to them and allowed the reader to escape into the Rose Cliff Plantation, if only for a little while.”

Brenda Dean was inspired to write this novel by an old mansion on the cliffs of the Pamlico River. She lives in Lucama, North Carolina, with her husband James Dean. They both share a love of books, long evening walks, and coffee. She hopes you will enjoy this book. Happy Reading!

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Book description…

Continue the Journey; Reveal the Secrets of Rose Cliff Plantation. Time has a way of running into itself. The past and the present can collide and suddenly you have both resting inside the one-hundred-year-old mansion, a very bold statement but very true. Come and complete the last part of the journey of the Quartermain family. You will find out just what Summer Ann Johnson had to do with a family that lived over one hundred years ago in the old weather-worn mansion she found. What was so different about this mansion? What could possibly be inside that might just change this young lady’s life forever? It is the author’s hopes that you read the first book, “The Secrets of Rose Cliff Plantation” because that is where you will find all the secrets that surrounded not only Summer Ann but the rest of the Quartermain family. The first book introduced you to James Quartermain, a man who had a dream when he was eighteen years old. His dream was to create a wonderful plantation with a grand mansion for his wife and daughter. The dream came true only to become a nightmare after tragedy struck the plantation, a nightmare that followed him all the rest of his life. He became so tormented that he raised his fist to Heaven and yelled, “Why, why is all this happening to me and when will it end?” Did he get his answers? All the secrets will be revealed and you will be amazed.

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