Introducing Diana Carter, author of Dark Revenge: The Trey Taylor Story

“It was such a pleasure to work with Outskirts Press again. This is my fourth book published. I look forward to publishing my next five books through this publisher.”

Diana Carter, author of the Broken Promises series takes a turn in a different direction with Dark Revenge: The Trey Taylor Story. Dark Revenge is the story of a former cop turned private investigator that is framed for the murder of his ex-girlfriend. Diana lives in the Metropolitan Detroit area with her granddaughter and currently working on her DBA in Organizational Leadership at Walden University.

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Book description…

What Is One To Do When The Walls Are Closing In? Trey Adrian Taylor former cop turned private investigator had a heck of a case on his hands regarding the murder of his former girlfriend Sonya Elaine Young. Found unconscious near her dead body with the murder weapon in his hand, will Trey be able to prove he wasn’t responsible when all the evidence points in his direction? It didn’t help that Trey lost his memory or that the lead investigator on the case Chief Carl Bryson Marshall (Trey’s former boss) had issues with Trey following rules when he was on the police force. The family was torn when Trenton Aaron Taylor Jr. (TJ) and Talia Taylor-Ross, Trey’s oldest brother and younger sister had doubts about his innocence. Trey’s dad, Trenton Sr. hired the best defense attorney in the state Victoria Leah Hamilton to defend Trey. On top of Trey’s legal issues his wife Malinda had to have an emergency C-Section to deliver their first child. With all the issues that’s plaguing Trey, will he be able to overcome his obstacles or will he fall victim to the people that are most eager to see him fail?

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