Introducing Jon Washington, author of The Fabulous Brit Brothers: A Rock ‘N’ Roll Tragedy

“Colleen did a wonderful job. This is my second publication with Outskirts Press and Colleen was instrumental in solving my problems and answering my (never ending) questions! Great job Colleen!”

Jon Washington is a veteran of the British and American Pop Music Industry. In the literary world, he is best know for his nonfiction books on the workings of the music business. He has been a successful recording artist, author, actor and songwriter for the past 50 years. His book “The Fabulous Brit Brothers” is a novel, and his first work of fiction.

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Book description…

The Saga of a Show Business Family. The story of the mysterious disappearance of the Fabulous Brit Brothers. On the cusp of pop music stardom, the Brit Brothers vanished, never to be seen again. This book tells the story of the Brother’s and their family. The sweeping tragic saga of a British show business family. At last the mystery is solved…

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