Introducing Donna Rosciti, author of The Birthday Train: Book 1

“As a new author, I was bound to make some mistakes, but Outskirts was pretty good with helping me to fix them. I am publishing another book with Outskirts.”

Donna Rosciti lives on a small horse farm in Rhode Island, where she also raises corgis and writes. The Birthday Train was originally created as handpainted personalized tablecloths for her children, family and friends in 1982. The current cast of characters was completed in 2013.

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Book description…

The Birthday Train is magical and appears to children in need. Those that are invited to ride the train come away with something special. The train comes to random wishes and no one knows if it will appear. The Birthday Train is not solely about presents, as it guides children to a better path. All the Birthday Train characters each bring their own special gift. These gifts inspire confidence, kindness, patience and understanding right from wrong. The Birthday Train books will follow children invited to ride the Birthday Train and their special adventures! Copyright 2014 by Donna Rosciti

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