Introducing Rena Dunsworth, author of The Youngest Mage

“I love my new book, and I plan to use your marketing options to really promote it after I graduate from school. Thanks!”

Rena Dunsworth is from Colorado but lives in Manhattan. Rena loves to write fantasy, and this book is just the first of many about Dalbreath the Mage. She wrote this book while living in the shelter system when she first came to New York. Writing it helped her through a very difficult time.

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Book description…

Dalbreath is the son of Lianonn and Maurinn Efaltel, and he lives on the planet moon of Avalon in a galaxy far away. He thinks of himself as a dreamer, but the Mother Blessing has other plans for him. She is the Mother of their world, the Great Goddess. She appears to him one day under the Winter Tree, and asks him to enter Mage School. “But no one in my family has ever been a Mage.” “You will,” she says, and then disappears. But before he can go to Mage School, he must convince his parents that he should go, then his request must be brought before the Elden. Then he must pass a test put to him by the grand Mage Astitaal. And that is just the beginning. He has an ally in the Mother Blessing, who sends him a teacher when he least suspects it.

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