Introducing Nancy Smith, author of Dallas International with J.R. Ewing

“Jennifer was very responsive and I appreciate all of her help. She was thoughtful and great to work with — a true asset to Outskirts Press.”

Nancy Smith was the one Dallas newspaper columnist who covered society, celebrities, and politics during all 14 years of the original “Dallas” series. As society editor of the Dallas Morning News and celebrity/society columnist of the Dallas Times Herald, she reported a running account of the actual stars of Dallas, Texas. Their true love affairs, business chicanery and oil booms and busts were often as intriguing as what you watched on TV. As Larry Hagman exclaimed in 1983, “I tell you, we are the most famous people in the world!” Front cover: Caroline Hunt Schoellkopf, Norman Brinker, Larry Hagman with author Nancy Smith, Nancy Hamon, Stanley Marcus Back cover top row: Mary Ann Smith, Nancy Brinker, Roger and Marianne Staubach, Virginia Murchison Linthicum Back cover bottom row: Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan

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Book description…

If you consider the TV series “Dallas” exciting, compare its plots to episodes of the real Dallas! Actual happenings among true-life Dallasites were often more sensational cliff-hangers than “Who Shot J.R.?” Dallas was a city of diamonds, five-star hotels, oil money, Arab investors, stylish women and incomparable glamour.

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