Introducing Andy C. Hahn, author of Striving for Intellectual Liberty

“On-going support is much appreciated. The initial phone conversation was helpful.”

Andy C. Hahn holds a B.S. in Business Administration and has worked in various management capacities in county government in the State of Washington. He has for many years been involved with management and motivational issues. He chaired the County’s Management Team Committee as well as Chaired the Strategic Planning Committee for The State of Washington E911 Advisory Board. Andy and his wife of 46 years are currently owners of a personal fitness business in Yuma, Arizona where they now reside.

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Book description…

This book is intended to assist people to understand and reason on their present belief systems. Many of our opinions, beliefs and stereotypes have been derived from childhood, peer pressures, group dynamics, and religious training. Such beliefs are generally held tenaciously without ever taking the time to question such beliefs or to insure they are based on solid reasoning and thought our personal values. This book presents a consolidation of information from modern sources as well as historically relevant insights from such authors as Nietzsche, Amiel, Stirner, Epicurus, Ortega, etc. It is the intent that this information will provide the guidance and motivation needed for personal change. The author has striven to provide the basic tools of reasoning so as to be able to examine one’s life to facilitate growth and a more rewarding life style. Are your values truly your own? Is there anything to be fearful of in examining accepted opinions and beliefs? As Montaigne aptly wrote, “Wind works for a man (or woman) who has no direction.” What changes, if any, are needed for you to insure that your life is currently headed in the right direction?

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