Introducing Kenneth M. Terry, author of Percy’s Dream

“I just want to thank you and everyone at Outskirts for their time and patience through the entire process of publishing my book. It was exciting to see it transform over the months into a book I am proud of. What I truly appreciated was that everyone kept me informed at all times and I never felt that I had lost control of the creativity and my vision of the book which you brought to life for me and will always be truly grateful.”

Kenneth M. Terry is a licensed security systems technician who loves writing children’s books. He also enjoys cooking, crafting, and antiquing in his spare time. Percy’s Dream is the first of six books coming out soon, and he hopes to write many more in the future. Mr. Terry lives in Everett, Massachusetts with his wife and their son.

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Book description…

Even Leaves Know How to Dream! Percy is a leaf on a grand oak tree in a city park-he sees all kinds of interesting people below him. But he’s on a lower branch, and all he sees when he looks up are the other leaves…he knows it would be wonderful to see the sky, and every night he dreams about it. He doesn’t think his dream will ever come true, but then autumn arrives, and leaves begin to fall. If he can hang on long enough to be one of the last leaves on the tree, he will be able to look up and see the sky! Will Percy’s dream come true? Find out in this charming story about holding tight to hope, and learning to appreciate the unexpected!

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