Introducing Rachel Roebuck-Howard, author of Rhapsody from the Grave

“At times I did not understand why things were happening, and Lisa would always respond right away to explain the process to me never once being abrupt or judgmental. I appreciate her patience and understanding that this was my first publishing project and I wanted a product that would represent me in a big way as I stepped out on a new chapter of my life. The effort was a team effort and everyone did their part and I am so grateful for the end product. Thank you Outskirts Press for believing in my dream and now my reality. The seed was planted and now it has sprouted and I must continue to water it.”

Rachel Roebuck-Howard became interested in writing mysteries when she herself played various characters in stage plays while attending college in Pennsylvania. Ms. Roebuck-Howard was cast in roles such as the Countess Alexandra Tambova in the stage play “Sherlock Holmes and the Hands of Othello” and another stage play as Martha Crouch in “The Conjure Man Dies.” Her desire to write mysteries deepened even more during her Graduate studies in Journalism/Mass communication with her Investigative Reporting courses.

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Book description…

Rae Hines, formerly known as Lieutenant Rae Hines Criminal Investigations Special Agent of the United States Army, has found herself in quite a predicament! After suffering many years of grief, following the deaths of her parents, Rae decides to pick up the pieces of her life and use her past knowledge of law enforcement to start her own private investigation practice. Rae finds herself settled in the metropolis of Washington, D.C. where she befriends Detective Trina Platt. Both women have one thing in common-presumably they both suffer from the loss of a loved one. Detective Platt hires Rae as her very own private investigator into the death of her lover and partner in crime, Detective Blaine Heyworth. Detective Heyworths’ death was brutal and suspicions are looming that it may be an inside job. Rae is excited to be offered a job and views the case, at first, as a way to catapult her business in private investigations. However, what Rae didn’t foresee was the strange turn of events that would send her spiraling into an abyss of past lies, murders and unconscious truths. Rae quickly finds herself struggling with her own irrational decisions and the need to find deep within the ability to trust someone.

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