Introducing William A. Carlson, author of From Delicate Lily Pads to Sculptured Peaks

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Born and raised in Moline, Illinois, William A. Carlson received a B.S. degree in Geology from Augustana College (Ill.) followed by his M.S. degree from University of Kansas. He married the love of his life, Christine in 1952; has three children and four grandchildren and has been a resident of Colorado since 1974.

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Book description…

John Fielder, American landscape photographer, conservationist and nature writer says: “If I am making photographs of nature as fine as Bill Carlson does when I am at 87, I will be a happy man.” AND, if there were words to express the true definition of beauty, one might be able to describe the photography you will find in this collection: FROM DELICATE LILY PADS TO SCULPTURED PEAKS: Landscape Photography with Verse Impressions from North America, Scandinavia, and New Zealand by William A. (Bill) Carlson. As the artist describes the process he has experienced, we might come a little closer to conceiving the concepts. “It is the development of a consciousness-the sensitivity-of the environment that I attempt to capture in each photograph. I search for elements and patterns of simplicity, spaciousness and sensory response. The interplay of light and shadow.” Bill Carlson’s career in geology led him to photography. While performing field and management assignments for oil, mining and utility companies, he became cognizant of the intricate landforms and abstract patterns in Nature. The desire to capture what he saw became difficult to ignore and he began taking photographs with both 120 and 35mm format film cameras. Finding “just the right vantage point” was always well worth the effort. Bill’s photography has received numerous awards and publication credits. His color photograph “DOCK” received first place recognition in a field of 6,000 International entries, a competition sponsored by the Famous Photographers School, Westport, Connecticut, and the Hartford Insurance Company. His first collection of black and white photographs with accompanying verse-A Walk Through Mountain, Meadow, Marsh and Woodland-was published in 2001. The photographs included in this book were taken during the period 1960 to 2012.

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