Introducing Ronald Montgomery, author of No Turning Back

“The beginning of my writing journey began on Carmel Beach, in California. That journey changed direction when I discovered Outskirts Press – when I decided to put my poetry into print. I selected Outskirts based on a number of factors – value, quality and responsiveness. I have remained with Outskirts Press because they have proven their worth to me over a period of seven years and seven books. Each book project has been part of my development. In the beginning, I knew a little about self-publishing and the processes. After seven books, my expectations are validated by experience, and my anticipation is whetted by positive past Outskirt Press performance. The most valuable part of the process has been the coaching and support provided by the publishing professionals assigned to my projects. What could have been painfully slow and grueling to a novice was pleasant and speedy.”

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Book description…

“Because I didn’t know what I didn’t know, ‘not doing’ was never a consideration. Because I didn’t know that communicating through poetry was a particular skill that required knowledge of the rules and tradition, I never considered not beginning this adventure. I’ve spent some time watching my children grow up and realized that until they are imprisoned by words like limits, rules and boundaries, they are unfettered creators. When I write, I call on my childlike nature as I explore life’s experiences. More often than not, I walk away from my work with fresh perspectives. I have now arrived at this point, where the starting point is out of sight. The goal of the ‘High Calling’ is visible, but the journey is far from over.”

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