Introducing Jo D. Tanenbaum, author of Crooks and Canes: Bible, Bebop & Beyond

“Jamie is the best rep ever. She’s kind, attentive, and punctual. I have a third book ready to go.”

Jo D. Tanenbaum is a retired teacher of French and lives it up with her family and a staff in Los Angeles, California.

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Book description…

Everything Returns. The cane evolved. It was no longer just a support. It became a sign of authority, dignity, wealth, and power. And then the cane became an accessory. So we see around us that change is inevitable. We adapt to the change and then we invent and go beyond. First the Beatles, then Elvis, then Jay Z and next? We invent, create, improvise, and go beyond. This book walks through the colorful history of canes from the Bible to Bebop, and Beyond. How about coming along?

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