Introducing Sue Cory Person, author of The Secret Inside Berryhill Mountain

“My first experience at publishing and each step I felt like I was in very good hands. Very pleased with the finished product and amazed at the patience each rep had with me, to get the perfection I wanted. They went above and beyond what I expected. Thank you Laura, Jerry and Barbara and the whole group at Outskirts!”

I love mystery and have always seen life through sneaky and suspicious eyes. This story gave me great joy because I felt like I followed along as Joey and Mattie brought it to life. My husband and I recently moved to a lake home so I write full-time. I thank my heavenly Father, that the mystery and adventure I have swirling in my head, can now come to life on paper.

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Book description…

A rescue home — you need to be rescued from? Joey’s life is changing for the second time as he and his sisters go into action to save their mother from an out of control stepfather. A new friend comes to their aid, gaining them access to a secret refuge hidden inside the gorges of Berryhill Mountain. Berryhill Amusement Park has the only entrance with a rollercoaster ride that dislodges to enter the paradise community of billionaire, Charles Berryhill. Joey has a secret and soon learns the perfect community has its own secrets, when he finds Mattie hiding inside the house of mirrors. Joey ventures out on his own to investigate and sees more than he bargained for. He must find a way out because those in charge of the home could be involved.

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