Introducing Kathie Jamison Cote, author of The Cats of the Cottage Cafe

“Overall, I am very happy. My book looks fabulous! Thank you.”

Kathie Jamison Cote’s love for children, including her own five and four grandchildren, spark her passion for life. Having taught dance for 40 years, Ms. Kathie has worked with nearly 2000 students from Maine to the Florida Keys, whether at her studios or various public/private schools or community centers. She loves her family, nature, reading, writing, photographing life around her and dance. She lives in a nook in the woods of Mount Desert Island with her husband Craig. Her awe for the island is part of the inspiration behind this tale.

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Book description…

Join The Cats of Cottage Cafe for travels and adventures around Mount Desert Island. Mount Desert Island on the coast of Maine is a magical place with its mountains, ocean and nature galore! In this story, cats and kitties who live on the island explore their prized spots, including a cafe and some local shops. MDI has shimmering seas, majestic mountains and Acadia National Park. The island is known for quaint towns, scenic harbors, miles of hiking and biking trails, wild blueberries and of course, lobster. When visiting, keep your eyes open wide and on the lookout for island felines. You will take pleasure learning of their special places to visit and fun things to do as you read this delightful book. The cats of the Cottage Cafe enjoy Sand Beach, touring lighthouses, hiking mountains and visiting town parks. They have favorite places they frequent, just like you. Join them on their fun adventures around the island.

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