Introducing Tom McCrory, author of Trust Me It Works

“Outskirts Press, what can I say, but brilliant from the moment I contacted them to the moment my book was published. Nothing was too much trouble. Excellent communication at all times, and every query, every concern I had was handled with care and sensitivity as if they knew I was finding it hard to understand some of the process. The design for my book was exactly what I was looking for (they must have read my mind). The Basic package was affordable to me and gave me more than any other book publisher I looked at. The follow up and marketing options demonstrate that even when your book is published that Outskirts Press still cares about you as a customer. My book was only on Amazon for a week and already I have sold my first copy. Thank you Outskirts press for helping me achieve one of my DREAMS!”

Tom McCrory applied personal affirmations to secure the perfect job and to retire at age 55. He became the supervisor of an engineering workshop in a multinational company, and was later able to retire-one month before his 55th birthday. He is enjoying his retirement and lives in the countryside.

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Book description…

Whether you’re looking for a new job, a better relationship, or a better way to cope with life in general, Tom McCrory’s motivational new book will guide you toward your goals and desires. By applying the simple techniques of affirmation and tapping into the power from within, you can attract what you seek into your life. Each affirmation has its own special message designed to help you take control of your life and maximise your potential. Trust Me It Works is a treasure trove of positive affirmations and inspiration for those who wish to live a more positive, fulfilling life. Embrace the power of affirmations and see what happens. The future awaits!

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