Introducing Beronica Latorre-Lopez, author of Just Understand Nothing Ends

“I want to thank Outskirts Press for helping me achieve my goal to become a published author and making the experience a smooth and enjoyable one. I look forward to publishing many more books with Outskirts Press. A special thanks to Lisa. You made this experience a memorable one. Great job!”

Beronica Latorre-Lopez started out early with, roses are red, violets are blue, type of poetry. As she got older, her poetry became her special kind of therapy. Beronica is thirty-six years old with three children, living in Stroudsburg, PA. Her mom has passed and now her children are her inspiration and motivation. And, of course, God who makes all things possible.

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Book description…

When life becomes so overwhelming to the point that it is hard to bear, I cope by writing poetry that I like to share. My poetry consists of love, loss and also heartbreak. And although they come from personal experience, I am sure you can relate.

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