Introducing Veleta Jones, author of Five Layers Deep On How To Forgive

“I was really pleased with the support of my first book project. Everything went really smoothly. I have already referred friends and family to Outskirts Press. The staff is very professional and knows their work very well.”

Veleta Jones is a Georgia Native and always had the habit of reading and writing at an early age. When she started writing chapters everyday as a hobby, she knew it was her calling. She can also write five thousand words or more per day when time permits. She is a literary new-comer and this is a dream come true. Veleta loves to help people and she knows this is the start of a great thing. She also enjoys ghostwriting, researching and mentoring. She wrote this book in 36 hours so as you can see this is her gift and passion. This book gives you a quick reading guide that can help you if you ever come across a state of unforgiveness. Stay tuned for future publications. She can be reached via email at for additional book copies, or visit her website at

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Book description…

Why should we master forgiveness? Because we have needed to be forgiven at some point. We are all human and are entitled to mistakes. Giving others grace and room to mess up usually comes back to you in the same measure. Five Layers Deep on How to Forgive will help you see how important it is to forgive others and yourself. This book gives you 5 practical situations that can help you in life. It is time to let go of what you have not been able to forgive. Letting go of resentment when you don’t really want to develops your character and leaves room for blessings. Choose to be the person that people love to be around and not the person that everyone avoids.

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