Introducing D.J. Jackson, author of The Crystal Realm

“I must say that publishing with Outskirts Press has been an exciting adventure. Thank all of you for doing such a wonderful job on my book. Bravo!! Keep up the good work. I would also like to thank my Author Representative Dana and my Digital Edition Specialist, Jackie. These two knowledgeable and professional people truly helped me along my journey at Outskirts Press. They are really people friendly and very sociable. I plan to publish my future books through Outskirts Press.”

D.J. Jackson is a chef, comic book artist, fantasy writer and part time DJ. All his life he has had a fixation for the strange and the unknown. He was born in Portsmouth, Virginia. He now resides in North Carolina.

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Book description…

The Crystal Realm, the spiritual realm that holds and binds all universes together by spiritual thought. It is a place of peace, happiness and nirvana. Coordoon, once a being of light, now an entity of darkness, will stop at nothing in his quest to rule the Crystal Realm. Four young sorcerers, Taigron, Lavana, Visionary and Solstice are on a divine mission to stop Coordoon. They must reach Mount Amenti before the closing of the Harmonic Convergence. Will the Crystal Realm be a realm of light or a realm of darkness? Read on only if you have an open mind and believe in the unknown. I….DARE….YOU.

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