Introducing Jennifer Renot, author of The Unexpected

“This was my first time using Outskirts and I was very pleased with every one that I worked with and the book publishing process was a painless and affordable process. I will definitely be telling others and be using Outskirts again.”

Jennifer Renot writes a love story about how even in a tragedy or betrayal that love is found unexpectedly. She currently lives in St. Louis, Missouri with husband Steve, daughter Dakota and dog Zoe.

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Book description…

This is a story of how love can come unexpectedly. Mike Stratford has been consumed by working with the FBI, almost ruining his marriage with wife, Sarah. After he finished on the case he was working on, Sarah and Mike decide to take a vacation to rekindle their romance. However, their happiness was short lived as Sarah is tragically killed in a shooting incident. After a year of guilt and misery for Mike, his sister Sam and brother-in-law, Tony, find a woman trapped in a car crash. Sam, being a nurse, feels the need to want to help but even more when they find out she is pregnant and has amnesia. Julie Crawford doesn’t know who she is or what happened but with Sam and Mike’s help they uncover a lot more than they thought they would. Time is running out as Mike starts to uncover things about Julie but in the process something unexpectedly happens. Mike falls in love.

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