Introducing Julie Gonder, author of Prayer Testimonies

“Going into this I was totally clueless about how to get a book published but my book was written, and I couldn’t wait to see it ‘out’ there to help people so I jumped on board with Outskirts Press. Their website was easy to navigate which is a big plus for someone like me who isn’t real ‘techno-savvy’ and every question I asked from the beginning until the very end has been answered with clarity and personal attention. I thank you Outskirts Press team and highly recommend anyone wanting to pursue this rewarding, fun-filled world of writing to go with Outskirts Press!”

Julie Gonder was born and raised in a small town in Wyoming. She is 49 years of age and happily married to her husband of 26 years. They have 2 children and 2 grandchildren with another on the way. Having endured an intense, bully-filled childhood and stormy, alcoholic teen years with little family support, she found herself wanting to take her own life. One night in a drunken stupor, she almost succeeded. However, the next morning she awoke only to realize that God had miraculously stopped the pistol from firing. From then on, she started searching for Him and when she entered into a marriage that later, she would understand was part of God’s plan to deliver her from her past’s influence, she knew she had found the love of her life. Two wonderful children came from the marriage and since then, 2 wonderful grandchildren. The Lord has used every experience and person in Julie’s life along the way to teach her about Him and to see the miracle in living a faith-filled life. She still resides in the same town and has been aiding in teaching elementary aged children for 10 years. She enjoys singing and playing bass guitar at the local Pentecostal church which she and her husband founded in the year 2000, as well as in the Christian Contemporary band “Upper Millstone” which writes its own music to bring glory to Jesus. When not spending leisure time with the grandbabies, Julie can be found fishing, camping, or writing to preserve all the masterful, splendid dealings God has enriched her life with.

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Book description…

In finding a desire inside to want to relate personal issues in my lifetime to my children and grandchildren, as well as influence them with how Christ can save, protect, heal, empower, and accompany us, I found writing to be unequaled in its ability to serve. As the writing advanced, I found myself seeking the Lord so much on the issues that have sprung up throughout the years, that I could hardly wait for the next opportunity to sit down and write. I would then experience His presence again and again as He spoke through scripture and His Holy Spirit which would prove to clear up questions that obviously had remained unanswered for too long a time. When giving loved ones an opportunity to read some of the text, I was surprised at how they yearned for more. When a few close friends would read it, their laughter and concern assured me that not only was the text informative and helpful, but entertaining as well. This led me to ask God for guidance as I pondered through prayer if these short testimonial stories were to be in book form and shared with many people. The day to day situations that comprise the book range from trivial, light hearted matters to major life changing events and God’s supernatural presence is sometimes expected, and other times surprising to witness how He had an event all lined out. The short stories keep the reader engrossed as first it is recommended to read the scripture verses that create an overtone for the lesson learned. The testimony is then given, next a short connection between the scripture and the events that took place, and then the outcome of how God brought about His desired results in the lives involved. The purpose of this book is to help people see that through the worst situations, God can and does mold us into righteousness, desires for us to live in peace, and creates a curiosity within us to find out who He is and how we can get to know Him.

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