Introducing Bernard J. Nebel Ph.D., author of Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding

“I am more than pleased with the help provided by Jennifer through the publishing process. She was exceptionally prompt in responding all my questions and requests and her answers were always on target and helpful. Near the end of the publishing process, I had some unforeseen problems arise that demanded backing up and making changes in the cover and text. Jennifer was fantastically patient and helpful in getting me through these difficulties. Thank you Jennifer. I hope you will be my PR for my next book.”

A life interest and pursuit of science, including an A.B from Earlham College and Ph.D. from Duke University, and a passion for teaching (Catonsville Community College) led Bernard J. Nebel Ph.D. to write one of the early and highly successful Environmental Science texts. In turn, Nebel recognized the need for more substantial elementary level science education. These highly regarded BFSU volumes (see reviews of 1st edition on Amazon and elsewhere) are the result. Dr. Nebel lives with his wife in Catonsville, MD. He may be reached at: or through

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Book description…

Science is such a vast realm of knowledge and skills, it is hard to know where to start or what direction to go. In these volumes, Nebel distills teaching science into distinct “learning progressions” that develop knowledge and understanding in systematic, incremental steps. Following these progressions will guide students toward a broad comprehension of facts, ideas, and concepts embracing and integrating all major areas of science. Furthermore, the described methods of presentation, which emphasize first-hand observation and reasoning, will guide students to practice and develop the mind skills that underlie all scientific discovery. The learning progressions and emphasis on “discovery learning” make these books valuable for older beginning science learners, as well as K-8 students, and serve in preparing them to master the Next Generation Science or other state science standards. A place for ongoing Q and A, discussion of problems, and sharing of ideas is provided at no additional charge (see:

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