Introducing Linda K. Reed, author of Winter of 1950

“I would like to thank the Outskirts Team for the amazing job they did helping me publish my first book!”

Linda K. Reed is retired. She enjoys spending time on the water and the companionship of her dogs, Patsy (aka Pooper) and a big boy named Sue. She has four children and eight beautiful grandchildren, all of whom make her very proud. Winter of 1950 is her first book.

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Book description…

Just when Linda thought life couldn’t be more perfect, the Universe threw her a curve she didn’t see coming-and that was just the beginning. After a long journey and despite the bumps, the bruises, and the heartache, she managed to land on her feet and find the joy of peace and serenity. “We are all children of the Universe, and we all deserve the very best life has to offer-regardless of our beliefs and the curves life throws our way.” Written with great wisdom and compassion, Linda’s memoir celebrates the growth we experience when life hands us unexpected “gifts” that help us discover something greater than ourselves. Believing nothing is by coincidence, I found myself, with love, writing this book.

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