Introducing E.S. Wells, author of Three Days in Avalon

“I am so glad I chose Outskirts Press. My book is beautifully done and I couldn’t be happier. The support I received was phenomenal. Thank you so much! I look forward to publishing with you again…soon.”

E.S. WELLS was born and raised in Western Massachusetts and is the proud mother of six wonderful children. She is a nurse and a writer. I hope you follow us along on more adventures in Avalon as the past cannot stay still.

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Book description…

They started this little journey to gain insight into Elaine’s past, or should I say ‘past life’? I was a fool, I was their guide. What we gained was so much more and what we lost was irreplaceable. We entered an ancient cave out of curiosity and exited into a world that shouldn’t exist. Avalon, a great country that exists only in myth and legend, but I promise you…it is neither. We struggled with what was real and what we hoped would be fantasy…it was real, too real. We left that cave and found terror and the promise of death waiting for us. We were in a race for our survival and this world’s very existence. So few realize how the past is tied to the present. Sad, really. Anyways, we were given three days…but to do what? To explore? To meet King Arthur and his Knights? No, we were given three days to survive, and if we did, we could leave the way we came. IF we survived. And our chances were growing slimmer by the minute. A thousand years ago a sword could cut through a woman just as easily as a man. We found this out the hard way. Ghosts, evil men, a land locked a thousand years in the past and vengeance reawakened against Elaine…or at least who she was a thousand years ago. I was left the task of telling our story. Elaine wrote it, and I am seeing that all get a chance to read it. You may not believe the words you read, but as Elaine said…the truth is simple, the truth is unbelievable, none the less, it is the truth…Mark.

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